Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AAA Trash Service Poor Customer Service

January 3, 2012
On November 9 2011 a representative AAA/Republic came through the neighborhood promoting the fact that AAA had been acquired by Republic and had been overhauled and wanted to engage new customers under the new management.  It was for eighteen months so I asked about the cancelation policy and the young man was unsure.  Nonetheless, they had a three day order cancelation term so I signed up and called the office the next morning. 

Their reputation is bad in this area and I wanted to know that I had an option out if dissatisfied with their service.  I was told that there was no out after the third day from date of contract.  The CSR told me that I could stop using them but could not stop paying them until the 18 month contract was expired.  So I immediately exercised my right to cancel within the three day initial period.

About ten days later a Trash can and recylcle bin show up in front of my house.  I also had not yet received my refund, as a matter of fact a few days before someone called and asked if I had received my deposit check back.  The answer was no and it still had not arrived.  So two birds with one stone, I called to let them know the containers had been left in error and oh by the way have you found my check it still has not arrived.  The check had accidently been sent to Kentucky, we will get it routed back to you, and we will have the containers picked up on Friday, it is the only day we pick up.

Friday came  aand went and the containers were still there.  We were gone the following week and when we returned we called and scheduled again for Friday again the containers remained.

we called again and scheduled and this time we forgot to put them out because they said that they would pick up  at 6:00 AM so we called around lunch time to say we forgot to put them out so they rescheduled for the  following week.  About an hour later my wife hears someone at the door, she goes to check and there is a tag on the door that they are going top charge us $100 bucks if we don't return the containers and she sees the guy heading for his truck and calls out, he ignores her and the truck goes off down the hill.

Friday comes again and its a no-show, around 4:00PM we call and are told that they came last Monday.  I asked why we were not advised and was told someone usually calls if it is slow and they are going to come on a Monday.  Nevertheless, it is what it is.  We schedule again for next Friday which was December 30, and we call on the  29th to remind them and are told, no, we will not be there tomorrow, we got a contract with a HoA and everyone is going to be over there.  Soonest we can make it is maybe the sixth of January even though we originally scheduled this Friday and as a matter of fact the schedule had already been changed.

I ask why I had not been notified of a schedule change, I dunno but I spoke to the route manager, we won't be there until the sixth.  I would like to speak to a manager, no no one is available ot talk to you.

The containers are still in front of my house.

So I just wanted to report that AAA may have new owners but they are still disorganized, non-responsive and generally rude in their customer interactions.